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This website is under construction

I swear there will be more here soon

While I work on the website and learn about HTML and CSS (I'm not an HTML or CSS wizard) and also sorry for not changing the background color, it's very bright.

I am also working on assets for the website, if you were one of the 60 people that have seen this website

(thank you for viewing my website, although it is currently empty)

You might have noticed that before it said something about a webcomic and you might now wonder, What is UnVirtualReality?

Well, UnVirtualReality (the comic) is based on an English short story that I have written, it's a way for me to visualize it. I won't tell you the plot now, but I can give you some details about the comic itself.

Basically, UnVirtualReality is a ridiculous and nonsensical (not entirely) parodic VR inspired fictional story that has some mild language, some violence (not too much, and some blood, not that graphic) it's all about VR.... or is it?

You will just have to see when it's released.

The next big update to the website should be the actual site so don't expect a lot of updates while I figure this stuff out

Enjoy the dark mode