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=Update 17.11.21= No way, 300 views! thank you very much, very cool. Yes 300 views might not seem like a lot but it is to me. :) I have already said it before in a small update that I'd make an update on this, now with an actual text box! If you wonder how the comic or the website is going? Well, I'll just say I've got other things to worry about currently. I swear, I will make this a thing, might be this year (I really doubt it) or probably next year or in the future. I honestly only work on this at random moments and not constantly. Hopefully this is understandable. I don't know why I have neglected this page again for almost a month. Should really stop doing that. If I start to really focus on this and actually really get to it, I will update this log for sure! Also there is a small easteregg on this website, try to find it. I'm sure you will. No, it really isn't anything yet. You should also check out the link at the bottom of the website, no. That is not a website I've made. ================================================================= =Update 26.9.21= So, I have not updated this website in 1 month (or maybe even a bit longer) While I've been working on this project sometimes, I have been procrastinating a bit, and I can tell. I know that the longer I wait, the less time I have to work on this. I still have not finished the assets as I am still thinking about how this should look, but I've got an idea. I still just have to make it real. The thing that has been worrying me the most is the look of the comic, but I know that if I won't try I won't get anywhere. I have avoided updating the website since I wanted to make the next update the big one, but I feel like neglecting my website and not saying anything about progress is also not a good idea. So, to fix this issue, I will add a progress bar that I will update when I make progress on the website and comic, when the progress bar is full. The actual website should be ready. Expect to see more small updates, I am still learning.

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⠀Working on: this website, sometimes.⠀

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Thank you for the 400 views! Expect more stuff!

This website is under construction

I swear there will be more here soon

Thank you for viewing my website, although it is currently empty

You might have noticed that before it said something about a webcomic and you might now wonder, What is UnVirtualReality?

Well, UnVirtualReality (the comic) is based on an English short story that I have written, it's a way for me to visualize it. I won't tell you the plot now, but I can give you some details about the comic itself.

Basically, UnVirtualReality is a ridiculous and comedic nonsensical (not entirely) parodic VR inspired fictional story that has some mild language, some violence (not too much, and some blood, not that graphic) it's all about VR.... or is it?

You will just have to see when it's released.

Oh hey and you should check outThe hall of Games, a website created by a friend.